A passion for the environment and a desire to reduce plastic waste polluting the world’s waterways and oceans is driving Citywide Tree Auditor Brent McBrien to change consumer habits towards using recyclable drinks packaging.

Last year, Brent – who monitors thousands of tree assets for the City of Port Phillip – launched a sideline start-up business H2O In A Carton, utilising environmentally friendly and biodegradeable packaging.

“Whilst travelling a few years ago I came across a unique packaging idea for boxed water Australia. Since then it’s been a long road to bring the product to market in Australia,” says Brent.

“Being able to live in this great country we call home means we get to enjoy the great environmental wonders not far from our doorstep.

“Beaches and rainforests are part of our lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us are forgetting that with privilege comes responsibility and we are finding that this is starting to affect the environment we call home.

“Now is the time we as a community need to start acting before it becomes to late.”

Using locally sourced water, H2O In A Carton products are BPA-free, recyclable packaging that is made from renewable resources and is largely biodegradable.

For more info, visit: www.H2Oinacarton.com.au

Published on CityWide – Shaping Livable Cities

(Main image: Pixabay via CCL)

Tree auditor Brent McBrien has oceans and waterways plastic waste in his sights ...