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Our Story

Being Australian comes with its privileges but it also comes with its responsibilities. Being able to live in this great country we call home means we get to enjoy the great environmental wonders not far from our doorstep. Beaches and rainforests are part of our lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us are forgetting that with privilege comes responsibility and we are finding that this is starting to affect the environment we call home. Now is the time we as a community need to start acting before it becomes to late.

At H20 in a carton, we believe in biodegradable products to reduce plastic waste, and by doing this we will be playing a big part in helping our country, its environment and the planet turn around and forge into a more environmentally friendly place. We know it’s only water in a carton, and we are only so many people, but you have to start somewhere………

Brent McBrien
H2O in a Carton. Founder